Tutors You Should Check Out On Udemy As An Upcoming Web Developer

Tutors You Should Check Out On Udemy As An Upcoming Web Developer


I was not paid by any of the mentioned tutors to put this up. I’m not an affiliate of any of them too. This article was compiled based on positive reviews on Udemy and individuals in the web development field, the willingness to promote excellent tutors who are doing well and help anyone who wants to go on the path of self-taught development find the best tutors on Udemy.

These days, there are lots of free resources online with which anyone ready to learn web development could utilize. At times, one needs to step up beyond free resources and consider the paid ones. Because it is rare to see a content creator put in exactly the same efforts into free and paid content. In the same vein, getting familiar with the top tutors in the industry goes a long way in easing the pain that might arise from learning web development, especially those on the self-taught path. So, I decided to compile a list of Udemy tutors who have distinguished themselves in the web development niche. Enjoy.

BRAD TRAVERSY (YouTube channel. Personally, the free stuff is what poise me to buy/wishlist his premium contents.

RYAN DHUNGEL (YouTube channel where he normally does the trailer-kinda-videos for his courses, consider subscribing and following him on Twitter to get early access and discount links.

JONAS SCHNEIDERMAN (COLT STEELE (Doesn't do Twitter, catch him on Reddit)

Colt is a real Bootcamp teacher and one person you would never get bored listening to. Once voted the best new tutor on Udemy, Colt has one of the best single complete web development courses covering HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node JS, Express, and Mongo DB. The course also has the massive YelpCamp project, which is pretty common around. Colt also has courses on React, Python, SQL, and vanilla JavaScript.

ACADEMIND (YouTube channel where they offer free content and make course announcements, alongside a website where one could become a member to get access to all their courses.


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