22 Tech Twitter Accounts to Follow as a WebDev Beginner

22 Tech Twitter Accounts to Follow as a WebDev Beginner

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I have audited 50+ accounts on Tech Twitter.

I bring to you 22 of them [in no particular order] you should follow as a beginner in web development, so you can get the best out of Tech Twitter.

1. Segun Ajibola (@iamsegunajibola)

Segun is an open-minded undergrad navigating the WebDev world and sharing useful HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources at the same time.

In addition, his engagement tweets are one of a kind.

Definitely worth a follow from you. Screenshot_20211226-173601.png

2. Csaba Kissi (@csaba_kissi)

Csaba is an experienced self-taught developer with unique content.

Even when Csaba tweets what looks generic, you'll still see uniqueness if you observe closely. Screenshot_20211226-173816.png

3. Marko Denic (@denicmarko)

Marko is another experienced developer ditching out useful resources every day with no sign of overwhelming you.

He has a blog - markodenic.com/blog - where he posts useful beginner-friendly articles. Screenshot_20211226-174026.png

4. Insha Ramin (@Insharamin)

Insha is an Indian content creator who took everywhere by storm a few months ago.

Her rise in popularity is due to the useful content she shares day-to-day. Her content revolves mostly around HTML and CSS, with a bit of JavaScript. Screenshot_20211226-174241.png

5. Pratham (@Prathkum)

This is the CSS Art guy.

Pratham is an inspiration if you wanna pick up content creation. He remained active despite working for many hours every week.

Definitely worth following for CSS ๐Ÿ”ฅ Screenshot_20211226-174405.png

6. Kingsley Ubah (@UbahTheBuilder)

Kingsley posted a lot of JavaScript content back in the day. He even wrote an eBook.

His inactivity in recent times could be due to the Twitter ban in Nigeria, but I would always recommend him for the zeal he put into content creation. Screenshot_20211226-174520.png

7. Nanou (@nanou)

Nanou is a coding tutor everyone probably knows for engagement tweets.

Why should you follow her? It's not about the engagement tweets alone, she explains CSS like everyone is 5. Screenshot_20211226-174635.png

8. Simon Hoiberg (@SimonHoiberg)

Simon is a SaaS founder (@FeedHive_io) worth following for his beginner-friendly JavaScript and React tips. Screenshot_20211228-180155.png

9. freeCodeCamp (@freeCodeCamp )

Most of freeCodeCamp can be exploited on the official website and YouTube, but you should follow the official Twitter account to get updates on articles, videos, and talks. Screenshot_20211226-174750.png

10. Nat Miletic (@natmiletic)

Nat is the WordPress guy of Tech Twitter.

If you're learning WordPress or you wanna learn it, give Nat a follow. You won't regret it. Screenshot_20211226-175014.png

11. Danny Thompson (@DThompsonDev)

Danny is the king of motivation on Tech Twitter.

It's not about the motivations alone, he's presented evidence of how he helps many land tech jobs.

You should consider following Danny if you're looking for your first tech job. Screenshot_20211226-175405.png

12. Trecia Kat (@TreciaKS)

If you're scared of CSS, consider following Trecia cuz she makes it look easy all the time. You should look out for her well-written articles on her hashnode blog too.

Yes. She's the vanilla CSS girl. Screenshot_20211226-175525.png

13. Savio Martin (@saviomartin7)

Savio is a young mind who seems to have conquered the web already at age 14.

Savio is a hotcake of inspiration for every young person who wants to learn how to code.

Definitely worth following. Screenshot_20211226-175749.png

14. Vlad (@VladPasca5)

I've watched Vlad go from few followers to huge followers, from beginner to intermediate, and from learner to earner.

I don't need to say anything about him anymore, hit the follow button for Vlad. Screenshot_20211226-180019.png

15. Harsh Makadia (@MakadiaHarsh)

One of the Indians killing it on Tech Twitter, Harsh is a no-code guy.

So, if you want to write minimal code, hit the follow button for Harsh and stay tuned ๐Ÿ”ฅ Screenshot_20211226-180142.png

16. Meet Jain (@meetjain74)

If you're into Java or you're learning Android Development, you won't regret following Jain. Apart from his threads, he also writes regularly on his hashnode blog. Screenshot_20211228-180028.png

17. Yosra (@yosracodes)

Yosra is an undergrad I would always describe as logical.

Her zeal to embrace every resource without pitching one against the other is one of a kind.

Follow her for her WebDev-centric articles, CSS Arts, Linux tips, and logic. Screenshot_20211226-180654.png

18. Seb (@LinuxSeb)

Scroll through her TL. You'll always find something on Linux.

Everyone would agree with me that Seb is Tech Twitter's Queen of Linux.

Seb got tons of content on Linux so follow her if you wanna learn about Linux. Screenshot_20211226-181022.png

19. Raza (@razacodes)

If you're learning Python, follow Raza for daily motivation and tips.

He's also a shrewd individual. Screenshot_20211226-181209.png

20. Oliver Jumpertz (@oliverjumpertz)

Oliver is a must-follow if you're into Web3 and Solidity.

Apart from his Web3 and Solidity content, he posts JavaScript tips regularly with well-explained infographics. Screenshot_20211226-181415.png

21. George Moller (@_georgemoller)

George is an experienced dev you should follow for best practices in HTML, CSS, UI Design, and JavaScript.

If you're a lover of infographics, you should give George a follow. Screenshot_20211226-181654.png

22. Jack Forge (@TheJackForge)

Here's where you are free to question the order of the accounts.

Jack was the first to come to my mind while writing this, but I had to push him to the last so people won't say I'm unserious ๐Ÿ˜‚

Follow Jack to get over a bad day with shitposts ๐Ÿ”ฅ Screenshot_20211226-181852.png

Apart from the 22, here are other accounts worth following:

@ikoichi @Haezurath @limesqez @saam_codes @ANoorTM @RoccoSangellino @codingyuri @notAnotherVivek @heyOnuoha @codinglayla @VittoStack @The_GreatBonnie @traversymedia @akoskm @heybereket @htmleverything @Krishn_aGupta @maryam_farsh @FrancescoCiull4 @mcgillmd921 @Eng_khairallah1 @_ChrisBenjamin @towernter @BatsouElef @PaulElijas...

If you think there's an account worth mentioning not in the list, feel free to mention them so we get to know about them.

To connect with me, check out my own Twitter account. I engage with my followers and respond to DMs.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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