My HNGi8 Goals

My HNGi8 Goals

HNG Internship 2021

I've been anticipating the HNG Internship since I learned about it during the I4G x Zuri Training organized by the Zuri Team. The internship covers tracks such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, web design, and ultimately, software development (frontend, backend, mobile).

Due to the fact that a lot of people have been testifying to the way it has impacted lives positively, I became optimistic to join and try it out, with the ultimate goal of getting to the final and graduate!

In this article, I will be telling you about my goals for the internship. I will also give a heads-up to anyone willing to join the internship by providing links to useful resources that could help them out.

My Goals for the Internship

In case you are willing to learn about my goals for the internship, here they are:

  • Learn about standard production practices – a lot I've been doing as a self-taught developer is development-based.

  • Become better at my favorite programming language (JavaScript), and pick up another if possible.

  • Become better in backend development with Node JS

  • Expand my network – I met a lot of awesome people during the Zuri Training, I want to meet some more in the HNG Internship too.

  • Ward off every hindrance, and ultimately finish the internship

Resources that will Help All Interns

Willing to join the HNGi8 Internship? Here are resources (mostly video tutorials) that will help you out as a beginner, or refresh your knowledge if you are already into programming:


Figma Crash Course by freeCodeCamp

This course was taken by a Developer and Designer named Adrian Twarog.. He has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Make sure you check it out if you are on the design track at HNGi8.


HTML Crash course by freeCodeCamp

Taken by Beau Carnes, an experienced teacher with freeCodeCamp. He's the man I always see talk before every video on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channe


Git and Github crash course by freeCodeCamp

This course was taken by Gwen Faraday, an experienced Blockchain developer and a contributor at freeCodeCamp.


Python Backend Web Development Course (with Django) from freeCodeCamp

This solid 8 hours course takes you from zero to hero in Python. Interestingly, it was created by Tomi Tokko, a 16-year-old Nigerian living in the UK. Definitely worth checking out.


PHP for Absolute Beginners by Traversy Media

Looking into this 7 hours course for backend development with PHP.


Go is the primary language for backend development in HNGi8. This 7-hour video from the freeCoceCamp YouTube channel will get you familiar with it.


For frontend developers, you definitely need JavaScript. This 8-hour course on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel will help you get up and running with JavaScript.

Node JS

freeCodeCamp has an 8-hour long video course created by John Smilga.

I took it myself and it has had a positive impact on my knowledge of Node JS. Definitely worth your attention.

Mobile Development with Flutter

Flutter is a go-to for cross-platform mobile applications. I believe it will be heavily used in the internship. To get familiar with it as a beginner, or refresh your knowledge in it, take this detailed video course.

Android Development with Kotlin

For those who are into Mobile Development with Kotlin in the internship, this 4-hour video course is a huge one you should check out.

In addition to all these resources, you can also check out the freeCodeCamp detailed curriculum that covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node JS, Python, and interview questions. Check it out here.

It doesn't just teach you Kotlin, it is project-based. Definitely worth taking.

I hope this article helps you with whatever resources you need on the tools you will be using. Thanks a lot for reading. See you in the internship!

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